If you're serious about growing your wealth and want to pay less tax then ALAROX Property Group may be able to help. Most of us today are aware that new homes make the best residential investments because of the large amount of depreciable income available to the investor. This quite often takes the investment from "Negative Gearing" which is the mode of investment for older established properties to "Positive Gearing".

This may mean your new ALAROX investment property is cash flow positive from day one. The taxation advantages and benefits are considerable on a brand new house as opposed to an existing older property and the stamp duty savings can be enormous.

With record low interest rates and rental demand on the rise, owning an ALAROX investment property may be a very smart move. Our property management team can source a quality tenant and manage the property on an ongoing basis. This service is free to all ALAROX clients, for the first 12 months of your investment.

ALAROX can guarantee the rental amount per week that you will receive from your new investment property. So all your numbers are crystal clear helping you make a sound investment decision. Our alliance partners can assist with depreciation schedules and all Accounting and Legal requirements ensuring maximum return on your investment. Best of all ALAROX facilitates all of this for you for free.

Talk to ALAROX Property Group today to find out how you could become a property investor and if your circumstances enable you to qualify.

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